Emergency Dentist Nashua, NH

Open all 7 days

We will answer calls 24 x 7. Simply, Call or Text, 603-484-9595 in case you are having a dental emergency.

Dental Emergencies can be scary and occur when they are least expected. At Implants and Root Canals Inc, we are available all 7 days of the week at our Woburn, MA or Nashua, NH location. We answer our phones 24 x 7 even outside working hours. Simply call or text us or fill up an appointment request form and we will call you within minutes.

We are Dentists in Woburn, MA and Nashua, NH and are the only Dental Urgent Care office on the east coast that are open 7 days a week. We realize dental issues can lead to a lot of agony, therefore, we will see you the same day on most occasions.

We perform extractions, broken teeth repair, root canals, bonding and much more.

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Emergency dentist infographic: Dental emergencies include cracked, broken, or knocked-out adult teeth.
Emergency dentist infographic: An emergency dentist is any dentist who can treat dental emergencies.
Emergency dentist infographic: When patients forgo a necessary visit to an emergency dentist, they may lose their teeth and negatively affect their health.
Emergency dentist infographic: If you find yourself in a life-threatening emergency, then the situation is better-suited to be treated at the emergency room.